Spending made simple

From pizza to transport. Buying stuff is quick and easy with Pingit. Eligibility, terms and exclusions apply.

Are you feeling lucky?

A luxury holiday, fancy car, jet ski – the list goes on! We’ve all dreamt of what we’d do if we won the lottery. Playing is easy so why not try your luck.

Just use Pingit to buy your National Lottery Lucky Dip® ticket in a couple of taps.

Any prize up to £50,000 will be sent straight into your account.

We want lots of people to play a little, rather than a few playing a lot. To find out more visit the Responsible Play page.

The small print

You need to be 16 or over and resident in the UK or Isle of Man to buy a lottery ticket. You also need to be in the UK or Isle of Man when you buy lottery tickets.

How to purchase a lottery ticket on Pingit

Choose the game and the draw

Check your name and email address then tap 'Continue' to buy your ticket

Your lottery ticket is sent straight to your phone. Done!

Mobile devices

Pay by bank app

Use Pingit to make online and in-app payments. It’s quick, no need to give retailers your card or bank details.


Tap the Pay by Bank app button at checkout and open Pingit. From there, you can review, confirm and make a payment immediately.

To view all supported retailers, click here.

Mobile device

Use Pay by Bank app at participating retailers

Look out for the Pay by Bank app logo at checkout, we’re adding retailers all the time

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