Pingit Invites & rewards: Terms and conditions

About this offer

Using our invites and rewards feature, you can get a reward of £5 if you invite someone eligible to join Pingit and they download the app, register for Pingit and send a payment. If they do this, and you both meet our terms and conditions, we'll give each of you a reward of £5. You can invite as many people as you like, but we'll only give a reward for the first 10 eligible people who join and send a payment using the Pingit app (the 'Offer'). Each joint or business account holder can invite people separately and receive their own reward.

By participating in this offer, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


This Offer opens on 22nd January 2018. We can withdraw the offer at any time, without notice.

Participating in the Offer

A person registered with the Pingit app on iOS or Android can participate in the Offer by inviting an eligible person to register for the service. By "eligible person", we mean someone who:

  • Has never registered with Pingit
  • Is aged 16 or over and have a current account in the UK, the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey
  • Receives an invite from a Pingit user as described above
  • Downloads the Pingit app for iOS or Android
  • Successfully registers and makes a payment using the Pingit app before the Offer expiry date

Anyone who cancels their Pingit registration and re-registers following an invite is not an eligible person.

There is no charge for participating in the Offer, but participants may incur data charges from their network providers when downloading or using the app.

Inviting someone

You can only invite someone to Pingit by logging in to your Pingit app and accessing the invites and rewards section of the app. You'll need to select (or enter) the details of the contacts you want to invite. We'll then send them a text message on your behalf, asking them to join Pingit – please make sure they're happy to get the text message from us.

You can invite as many people as you like, but the reward is limited as set out below.

Registering for Pingit

You'll only get for a reward if the person you invite downloads the Pingit app, registers successfully and sends a payment with it. If the person you invite doesn't have a compatible smartphone or operating system for the Pingit app, they can register to receive money via the Pingit website, but they won't qualify for the Offer.

Rewarding you

You can invite as many people as you like to join Pingit, but we'll only give you a reward for the first 10 that register successfully (so you can receive up to £50). These 10 people will also receive £5 each.

We'll pay the reward into your account when we've confirmed that both you and the person you invited meet the terms and conditions for the Offer. We'll normally pay the reward within 2 days of the person you invited successfully registering for Pingit. The reward will be paid as follows:

  • £5 paid into your Pingit account for each person you invited who successfully registers (up to a maximum of £50); and
  • £5 for each eligible person who successfully registers (up to a maximum of 10) paid into their Pingit account

Paying the reward on joint or business accounts

If you have a joint account and both of you are registered for Pingit, you can invite others to join Pingit separately. You will get up to £5 each for the first 10 eligible people you invite who join Pingit. This means your account can receive up to £50.

If your business account has multiple account holders who use the Pingit app, we'll only reward you for up to 10 eligible people each account holder invites. For example, if you have 3 account holders, you can get a maximum reward of 150. Up to 10 account holders can participate for each business account.

When we won't pay a reward

We won't pay a reward to you or the person to whom you send an invite in the following cases:

  • The person you invite cancels their registration before the reward is paid; or
  • Either you or the person you invite are not eligible for the reward; or
  • The person you invite doesn't register before the expiry date given in the text message we've sent them; or
  • You or the person you’ve invited break or do not meet our terms and conditions; or
  • You or the person you've invited manipulate, or try to manipulate, any part of the Offer; or
  • To comply with any law or regulation that applies to us.


Each reward of £5 is subject to VAT (where applicable). If you're a business customer, it's your responsibility to account for any output tax that may be due to HMRC on any reward you get. Please consult your own advisers if you need tax advice.

Keeping you updated

We'll send a text message to anyone you invite to join the service. Once they join, and you both qualify for the Offer, we'll tell you about your reward. We won't contact you about anyone you've invited for any other reason. By taking part in the Offer, the person you've invited acknowledges and consents to this.

Changing or ending the Offer

We can change the terms of the Offer, or end it, at any time, without notice.

We can also change, suspend or end the Offer if we can't run it for any reason outside our reasonable control, or if we think continuing the Offer as is will cause us to break a law or duty that applies to us or might expose us (or another Barclays company) to action or censure from any government, regulator or law enforcement agency.

Other things you need to know

You can't transfer the Offer to someone else, or use it in conjunction with another offer or promotion.

These terms and conditions are governed by English law.

Promoter: Barclays Bank UK Plc, 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP.