Getting paid back should be easy

Getting paid by people shouldn’t be difficult. As a Pingit customer you can send a payment request to anyone and get paid back sooner to your account or any of your jars. They don’t need to have Pingit to pay you back just as long as they have a UK debit card. You can even keep track of who’s paid you from within the app.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

Fire up Pingit

Then pop over to Pay & Request and click Request Money.

Create a request

Search and choose who needs to pay you back, then pick what account you want it in. You can pick up to 20 people.

Time to share

Fill out the details including how much and what it’s for, then hit create request link. And don’t forget to send it to them.

Not only is it easy…

Keep track of group events

Send a request to up to 20 people, then sit back and watch who’s paid you in the app

Share it your way

You can share your request link loads of ways including text, email and any social media channel

Anyone can pay you

If your friends aren’t on Pingit, that’s not a problem! They can pay you back using their UK debit card

Get notified

Make sure you have push notifications enabled and we’ll let you know when someone’s paid you

Gift collections

Your friend’s birthday and no time to run around asking everyone to chip in for a gift? Happens to us all. Share your request payment link, add a personal message and let the money flow!

Co-living expenses

Living with flatmates can be fun (most of the time). Take the drama out of the bill payments and use Pingit to make it all a little bit smoother. Send them your request link when their share is due.