Pingit limits

We want you to get the most out of Pingit; here is a full list of any limits that apply if you're paying, getting paid or spending.

Sending a payment

You can send up to £2000 per day to someone using Pingit, if they're using Paym it's restricted to £500.

If you are sending money abroad, each payment sent must be of an amount between £25 and £2,000, or the equivalent amount in the payment currency. You can send multiple payments per day up to a total value of £2,000.

There are a few ways to pay a business. Using a mobile number you can send up to £3,000, paying by shortcode it's up to £15,000 or if your using a QR code its £16,000.

Receiving money

You can receive up to a maximum of £5000 from other Pingit users per day.

Requesting money

When you share your personal link, your friends can pay you via Pingit or any UK debit card.If they opt to pay with a card then you can receive up to £2,000 per day or £6,000 over 7 days. If they pay you back with Pingit then they can send you £2,000 per day or £6,000 over 7 days. If they pay you back with Pingit then they can send you £2,000 per day.

Topping up your Pingit Account or jar

  1. Using a card: You can make up to 5 top-ups per day across up to 2 UK debit cards. Your maximum limit is £2,000 every 7 days
  2. Transfer in from a linked Barclays account: Up to £16,000 per payment

Spending with Pingit

Customers can order a single card and register up to 5 devices using Pingit app.

Going shopping: If you want to tap and go with a contactless payment then a £45 limit applies per transaction up to your maximum daily spend of £500.

  1. If you want to use your card for chip and pin or shopping online, then your maximum daily spend is £500 per day across all Pingit card and devices
  2. Using a cash machine: You can use your Pingit card to withdraw up to £300 per day

If shopping online or making in-app payments using the Pay by Bank app option, then you can pay up to £25,000 using Pingit.

Withdrawing money from Pingit

You can withdraw money from a Pingit account or jar into your linked account with another financial institution up to maximum amount of £2,500 per day.

Moving money into Pingit jars

If you move money into your jars then the maximum limit is £25000 per jar.

Pingit Giving

Once you have shared a link to a Pingit Giving page, your contacts can donate to your chosen charity via that page using either Pingit or a UK debit card. Donations can be made to your active Giving pages using Pingit up to a limit of £2,000 per day, and by debit card up to a daily limit of £2,000, or £6,000 over 7 days.

Barclays joint account

The limits stated above are per person, which means if two of you register using a Barclays joint account you will both receive the limits above.

Barclays Business account

If you are registered using a Barclays Business current account, you can send up to £3,000 in a single day.

You can receive a maximum of £5,000 per day from personal Pingit customers; no limits apply if you are receiving payments from another business.

If you are a Pingit Lite or Restricted customer

You can send or receive up to a total of £200 per calendar month. You can register 2 devices to spend from your Pingit account. If you want to upgrade your account, it's free, just follow the instructions in the app.