Organise your money in jars

Sometimes, with everything going on in life it’s hard to keep up with the serious stuff and still have money left over for the things you love. Pingit jars helps make all the social things in life simple and hassle-free. From putting money aside to collecting to just doing. Eligibility, terms and exclusions apply.

Mobile devices

Holiday spend

Paris, here you come! Set up regular payments into a jar for the holiday spending.

Group collections

Collecting for a gift? We know it can be stressful. Make life easier by separating the collection money in a jar.

Monitor spend on activities

Going out is fun but not with no money left in your account. Create a jar for your busy social calendar and keep an eye on the digits.

Pay your flatmates

Create a jar for monthly expenditures and pay your flatmates from that jar with Pingit.

Your jar, your money management tool

Easy to set up

Set up instantly with just a few taps

Auto top-ups and withdrawals

Set up auto top ups to a jar and easily move money from your main account

Get organised

Manage your money in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle

Multi-purpose jars

Recycle, rename and reuse a jar at any time

How to create a jar

Tap "Create jar" on the home screen of your app

Add a name for the jar for e.g. "Paris holiday spend" or "Going out allowance"

Add money to the jar with your Pingit account or top up with a bank card