Request money with Pingit - no more IOUs or awkward reminders

Send personalised requests with is a way of requesting money from people. In just a couple of taps, you can create a payment link that you can send by text, email or social media, and friends and family can use it to pay you with a UK debit card.

It's secure and completely free. is so completely new that not everyone will have access to all its features straight away.

Have a look at your home screen to see what's available. If it's not, you can still ask your mates for money in the normal way, using the app.

You can get started by going to the request a payment option in the Pingit app, choosing a personal link and sharing it. Marvellous.

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Request money from a group

Split the cost of a night out and get paid what you're owed

Popping out for a meal with your mates? Paying bills in a shared house? Buying a present for someone leaving the office?

Use Pingit as a bill-splitting app and it's easy to split the cost - it even keeps track of who's paid you.


Send a request with Pingit, or get people to pay you with a UK debit card by setting up a payment link that you can send by text, email or social media.

Because the service is new, we're rolling it out slowly so you'll need to check in the app by taping 'get paid' if you have access.

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