Faster, safer online and in-app checkouts

Pay by Bank app lets you use Pingit to make online and in-app payments. It means you can pay for things without giving retailers your bank or card details — it's quicker and safer. It also helps you stay in control of your account, because you'll see your account balance before you pay.

Use Pingit with Pay by Bank app whenever you see the Pay by Bank app logo at checkout – we're adding new retailers all the time.


Tap the Pay by Bank app logo checkout and open Pingit. From there, you can use your 5-digit passcode to make a fast and secure payment.

Use Pay by Bank app at participating retailers

We're adding new retailers all the time - just look for the Pay by Bank app logo at checkout.

Park Retail
Yor Card (South Yorkshire Travel)
Papa Johns
Pets at Home

How to use Pay by Bank app

Buy Lottery tickets

It's easy to make sure you don't miss a big draw – just use Pingit to buy your National Lottery Lucky Dip® ticket in a couple of taps.

  • Choose the game and the draw
  • Check your name and email address
  • Tap 'Continue' to buy your ticket
  • Your lottery ticket is sent straight to your phone. Done!

Any prize up to £50,000 will ping straight into your account.

The small print

You need to be 16 or over and resident in the UK or Isle of Man to buy a lottery ticket. You also need to be in the UK or Isle of Man when you buy lottery tickets.