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Whether you are paying back your pals, or popping around to the shop, the Pingit app and devices are built with accessibility in mind.

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Running low? You can top up on the go, or set up something more regular with auto top ups

Stress free payments

Don't let entering account details get in the way of a good time, pay from your contact list

Discover Pingit devices

For those with mobility or dexterity issues, sight loss or conditions such as dyslexia – our devices could help. They work just like a contactless card – just tap it on the reader to pay for anything £45 and under

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Don't take our word for it…

"I love the freedom the wristband gives me because I don't have to worry about sorting out money in shops."

- June. Visually-impaired customer.

"My wristband left staff stunned. The simplicity of it! This product will help me no end."

- Ben. Wheelchair user with sight loss.

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